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    RSS Upgrades

    I've had an RSS feed for the entire blog up for some time now at http://graysoftinc.com/feed.xml. Yes, I know, it sucked. Several of you emailed me to tell me just how much it sucked.

    In my defense, I wrote this blogging engine because I wanted to play around different aspects of how this software could work. Spam prevention was high on that list for me, because it affected me a lot. Not being a feed reader junkie, RSS was less critical to me. I know it was important to you though and I'm trying to make good on my promises, finally.

    The number one complaint was that my RSS feeds did not include content, just descriptions. This is fixed. The full article is now in the feed.

    I'm not sure how well that's going to work out yet. Regular readers know that I'm terribly wordy, so even just placing the last ten articles in the feed makes it quite large. I don't know how inconvenient that's going to be for you or me yet, but we can try it out for now.

    As and added bonus, I've added category specific feeds and article specific feeds that show comments as they come in. Just click the feed link in the footer of any category or article page to try these out.