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    Just recently I have been working with two different people to improve their regular expression skills. To help me in this endeavor, I built a trivial little script we have been using in IRb. To get started, you construct a new challenge object and add a couple of challenges:

    >> reg_chal =
    No challenges.
    >> reg_chal.challenge("Gray, James", "James", "The names can vary.")
    => nil
    >> reg_chal.challenge("abbbbbbbc bc", 10)
    => nil
    >> reg_chal.challenge( "    \n\t  ", nil,
    ?>                     "We want to test for non-space data." )
    => nil
    >> reg_chal.challenge( "cogs 9, widgets 12, ...", "12",
    ?>                     "The numbers can vary." )
    => nil
    >> reg_chal.challenge( "I'm a simple sentence, with words.",
    ?>                     %w[I'm a simple sentence with words] )
    => nil

    You can ask for challenges to see what you would like to solve:

    >> reg_chal.challenges
    Challenge #0:
       Input:  "Gray, James"
      Output:  "James"
        Note:  "The names can vary."
    Challenge #1:
       Input:  "abbbbbbbc bc"
      Output:  10
    Challenge #2:
       Input:  "    \n\t  "
      Output:  nil
        Note:  "We want to test for non-space data."
    Challenge #3:
       Input:  "cogs 9, widgets 12, ..."
      Output:  "12"
        Note:  "The numbers can vary."
    Challenge #4:
       Input:  "I'm a simple sentence, with words."
      Output:  ["I'm", "a", "simple", "sentence", "with", "words"]
    => nil

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