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    I Got Booed at the LSRC!

    At the Lone Star Rubyconf, only a single speech coaxed a "Boo!" out crowd. Of course, it was mine.

    On a slide where I was trying to counter the expert warnings against using glue code features in Ruby, I told people not to lose a lot of sleep about external dependencies. When I added the comment, "That's your SysAdmin problem anyway," one audience member growled a complaint.

    The complainer later apologized to me for the outburst, but his point was valid that I didn't say what I intended to say.

    What I was trying to get across is that any external dependency I add to an application is going to become a line item in my SysAdmin's build script. After that, neither of us will lose any more sleep over it. He does his job so well that it makes mine easy. So, what came off as an insult, was intended as a compliment. I apologize.

    To rebalance the global karma pool, do me a favor and hug your SysAdmin today.