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    Getting Git Thanks to PeepCode

    It's pretty clear that Git has landed. More and more projects are migrating to Git for their version control needs and developers have another system we need to get up to speed on.

    I'm usually a traditional dead-tree book learner, but this time I decided to try the PeepCode approach. I had heard good things about them and I can now tell you that reputation is well deserved.

    PeepCode has two resources available for those wanting to learn more about Git. First, there is a one hour screencast called Git covering everything from installing through basic usage. There's also a newer 120 page PDF book called Git Internals, that ships with some different screencast material. You can purchase either product for $9, which really is a steal in my opinion. Both are well done, but let me break down their strengths for you below.

    The original screencast is a great resource for the developer who wants to get up to speed on Git in a hurry. You just watch for an hour, perhaps try a few examples as you go, and you should come out the other side with basic Git usage skills. An added bonus is that the screencast covers Git's Subversion integration which is a topic you don't want to miss, but it's sadly missing in the PDF book. It also has some good tips on configuring the gitk browser under Mac OS X.