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    The Nice New Italian Restaurant of Server Monitoring

    David Heinemeier Hanson, the creator of Rails, has made one of his business strategy talks available recently. This is a great talk about how we all might be trying just a little too hard at what can be a fairly simple task.

    We all hear advice like this over and over again, but we seem to forget it so fast that we need that constant reminding. Just today I saw a site redesigned to improve a section users haven't even seen yet (as that section isn't yet public). Is that really the top use of resources for an unlaunched portion of the site? How do we know they wouldn't have liked it? How do we know they will like the new version better? I'm sure it won't surprise readers to learn that this site is over budget on time and money.

    The point of all of this is that I want to tell you about a new server monitoring tool the company I work for has recently launched. The new service is called Scout and we've done our dead-level best to keep to the simplicity principal both because we agree with David and because we flat out need it to work that way.


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