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    All About Struct

    I build small little data classes all the time and there's a reason for that: Ruby makes it trivial to do so. That's a big win because we all know that what is a trivial data class today will be tomorrow's super object, right? If I start out using a simple Array or Hash, I'll probably end up redoing most of the logic at both ends eventually. Or I can start with the trivial class and grow it naturally.

    The key to all this though is that I don't write those classes myself! That's what Ruby is for. More specifically, you need to learn to love Struct. Allow me to show you what I mean.

    Imagine I need a basic class to represent a Contact. Ruby gives us so many shortcuts that the class could be very small even without Struct:

    class Contact
      def initialize(first, last, email)
        @first = first
        @last  = last
        @email = email
      attr_accessor :first, :last, :email

    You could shorten that up more with some multiple assignment if you like, but that's the basics. Now using Struct is even easier: