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Finding Serenity

[Update: This blog no longer runs on Serenity. I've created yet another engine to power it.]

I'll be nice and not name any names, but my old blog software was really struggling. I've dealt with numerous issues from it over the years I've run this blog and all of that extra maintenance finally wore me down.

I'm sure you've noticed the theme change here by now. That's the surface result of me having replaced the entire backend. This blog now runs on a blogging engine I invented called Serenity. It's a young engine at this point, but I suspect it will improve as I fiddle with it and find what I like.

I've moved all of the content over, so my hope is that nothing is missing. Unfortunately there have been some URL changes. I apologize for that and promise that I don't plan to change them again anytime in the near future.

Thanks for being patient with me during this transition. I hope that it will lighten my maintenance load and give me more time to write articles.

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