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Rubies in the Rough

[Update: the Rubies in the Rough articles were originally available by subscription, but they are now free on this blog.]

I know this blog has been quiet for quite some time now, but I'm still writing about Ruby. In fact, I'm very excited about a new series of articles I am producing called Rubies in the Rough.

In that series, I am working hard not to teach the language or syntax or anything else that's trivial, but the thought processes behind how I program Ruby. I think this is some of the most important work I've ever done for Ruby. Anyone can learn a few keywords, but understanding how to think about problems and the solutions we code for them is key, in my opinion.

This new series isn't free, but it is a steal. It works out to two bucks an article and I often write close to 20 printed pages. This is some serious content.

If you want to learn how I think about programming, do yourself a favor and subscribe to Rubies in the Rough. It can teach you to see programming challenges as I see them and loan you my confidence as you solve them.

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